April 2016 Newsletter

The year is flying by quick!  We are already in the month of April and NCCT has accomplished so much already.  This month, to make things more exciting and fun for each program, we will be having a friendly (building) competition amongst each program to display each program’s unique talent.  Each program will receive a $500 budget to use towards materials and will have from April 11th to May 6th to complete their project.  The voting will be done by each program and they cannot vote for their project.  The winning project will receive a pizza party!  Let the creativity begin!


Operation Pasta Feed has come to an end and the fundraising event was a major success!  We hope everyone had a great time and we look forward to your continued support!  Please feel free to let us know any comments or suggestions you have about the event, so next year we can do even better!

Salvation Army House

This beautification project is almost complete!  It is located on Watt and Edison, the area is 150 ft. long by 26 ft. wide (3900 sq. ft.).  Multiple instructors and students from both South Sacramento Adult and Probation class, Elinor Hickey HS and West Sacramento Adult program worked collaboratively on this project.  Some of the different tasks and individual projects that were worked on included; clearing and grubbing, demo and reassembly of existing planter boxes and removal of tree stumps/roots, hauling materials to the dump, relocating a mock-up playhouse on site, digging and replanting trees as well as minor repair of some irrigation.  Offsite, the classes built the arbors, planter boxes, picnic benches and sandboxes that were brought to be placed at the Garden.  The garden will consist of a trail connecting 2 gates with 4 picnic tables, 8 planter boxes, 1 arbor, 1 pergola, 8 benches; and a play house and sandboxes for the playground area.  This project will be finished once dirt is placed in the planter boxes.

Upcoming Projects

Our upcoming projects will be at the Southside Park and at the American River Parkway.  NCCT will be remodeling the Southside Park bleachers for the basketball court and will be working on the garden that is adjacent to the basketball court.  At the American River Parkway, we will be building a gazebo with a roof and picnic tables to make an outdoor classroom.  More information about these projects will be provided once it begins.


NCCT NEWS – What’s Everyone Up To?

Mike Anckner, Elinor Hickey High School

Mike and his students spent majority of the month working at the Salvation Army Garden.  This was a great opportunity for the students to be on an actual site and perform various tasks that might be expected of them on a job site.  They were also able to work in collaboration with students from other programs to see how they approached the project which gave them a new perspective through the eyes of a 15, 16, 17 year olds.  The class also built two sandboxes for the playground that is adjacent to the Garden.

Brian Bartch, Woodland, Yolo Jail and Cache Creek High School

Brian currently has an average of 15-16 students per day in his class at Woodland. The students spent the month of March building two picnic tables for the Woodland DRC, two picnic tables for probation and a seesaw, planter boxes and children picnic table for a customer.  The students at Cache Creek High School worked on revamping the school’s basketball court by repainting it.


  • David Worthington started work at Concrete Resurface Systems
  • Arian Butler gained employment at Home Depot
  • Edith Moreland gained employment at Clark Pacific in Woodland as a Welder
  • Alvaro Fierro gained employment at Pacific Crest Builders

Jason Billington, West Sacramento, Adult Program and WUSD High School Program

Jason and his adult students have been busy working offsite at the Salvation Army Garden this past month.  On March 28th at 8am his students were able to apply online to the Carpenters Union and are now receiving letters from the union with their applicant number and orientation date.  Some students are as low as #18 on the list, Jason is confident that these students have a real chance on getting accepting for 2016!  Students have also been attending various special training such as 8-hour Hazmat in Woodland location, 40-Hour Hazwoper, Electrical Course and Welding Class all in South Sacramento location.

Jason and his high school students received a Perkins Grant for $5000 that will be used for power tools for the class.  Having multiple tools available will allow the students to keep busy and work efficiently without having to wait around to use a tool.  The students are also in the process of designing and building individual projects such as benches, doghouses, speaker boxes and etc.  The class will begin the blue-print reading course when these projects are completed.


  • Jorge Rivera received his driver’s license
  • Christopher Barnes was cleared from his DUI classes and is now eligible to receive his driver’s license
  • Joseph Zamora began work at Pro Roof Builders
  • Anthony Soniea began work at Pallet Company with Sacramento
  • Michael Dominquez began work at Aerotech

Nate De Marce, South Sacramento

Nate currently has 26 students enrolled in his class and six are new students.  The class has been busy working at the Salvation Army Garden last month.  Half of the class worked on site and the other half spent their time in the shop building materials to be installed at the Garden site.


  • 10-Hour Hazmat – 15 students
  • 40-Hour Hazwoper – 12 students
  • Two week Electrical Course – 8 students


  • Damon Mitchell and Kesava Braeger started work at Irish Construction
  • Bryan Bryla started work at Home Depot

Ralph Ernest, Mather & Roseville

Ralph and his students at Mather had the opportunity to give Rosemont Little League field a “face lift” with building a new scoreboard stand and an awning for their Snack Shack building.  The students had a great time and it was a great hands-on experience for them.  The class has begun building kids picnic tables and working on small projects for SCBCJoseph Lee has completed the Welding Class and is currently attending the Electrician Class at the South Sacramento location.

Ralph and his students at Roseville had the opportunity to tour the Erickson Construction sites.  They visited one of their active work sites as well as their headquarter facility in Roseville.  The tour ended with interviews of which the following students have been hired:

  • Mark Dingman
  • Cody Engvall
  • Ryan Legget
  • Nainoa Peterson


  • 40-Hour Hazwoper- Christine Blair, George Martinez and Kristina McElfresh
  • Michael Stone passed the Operators & Engineers test


  • Students who received employment: Chris Hudak, Barbara Maydole and Kristina McElfresh


Chris Faix, San Joaquin Fairgrounds-Stockton

Chris and his students in Stockton have been busy with many projects on the fairgrounds this month that includes preparation for the Asparagus Festival.  The class started with repairing the ticket booths that are used during the event.  The ticket booths needed to be painted and new roofing.  Also, in preparation for the festival, the class has built modular stage platforms that can be put together to create up to a 27’ by 48’ platform stage and have designed and made table dollies to contain and transport 6’ round tables.  This design has worked so well that the class will be building five more dollies in the near future. The class also started the third phase of the taco stand remodel, which included a new paint job, interior remodel that included completion of tape and texture as well as interior paint and a new door install.  For the community, the class put together a 16”x 80” square framed structure wrapped in tarps for the Stockton’s Hmong CommunityStockton’s Hmong community recently erected a statue of General Van Pao to be placed at the fairgrounds.  The structure was built to prevent the statue from being seen before the un-veiling ceremony.  The structure was built so well that it survived the 40 mile per hour wind gust that occurred the weekend before the ceremony!

Upcoming Events

  • April 15th-17th - Asparagus Festival at San Joaquin Fairgrounds

Brad Gasaway, Welding Class

Brad and his students have been busy working on various projects last month.  Students have been working on the BBQ trailer, various personal projects and organizing the shop to make room for more equipment.  The students also worked on taking an old semi-truck trailer and turning it into a forklift ramp at Jam Services.  The ramp will be used to get their forklift up and down their loading dock.  Numerous students have went down and signed up at the Ironworkers and are in the process of looking for a sponsor.  Work is still slow around Sacramento, but if you don’t mind the commute the Bay Area has lots of work.  Along with these projects the class also explored and played around with the new CNC plasma cutter!  With the plasma cutter, they will be able to cut through intricate curves, inside cuts, and sharp corners with the shapes being smoother than it would be when using a band saw.  The next welding class will start May 9th.

Nauy Huynh, Foothill High School ROP Program

Nauy and his students have been working on Adirondack chairs with side tables and are working well together in groups to build the chairs and tables. Midterm grades were turned in before Spring break and there are three new students starting this quarter. While Foothill High School was on Spring Break, Nauy was able to participate in the Salvation Army Garden project.  The adult program at Foothill High School will begin mid-April!

Matt Kelly, South Sacramento Probation Class/ Men’s Youth Detention Facility

Matt currently has 47 students enrolled in his class at South Sacramento.  The students spent most of their time building benches, planter boxes and arbors for the Salvation Army Garden.  The class had a few visitors this month to discuss their respective trades.  John Tweedt, a  Business Manager of the Glaziers Union Local 767; and Randy Rojas, a Coordinator with the  Floor Layers Apprenticeship; are from District Council 16 of the International Union of Painters and Allied Trades (IUPAT).  Steve Caster also visited with John Tweedt; Steve is a Taper by trade and Business manager of the Painters Union Local 487.

Matt currently has about seven students participating in his class at YDF.  They have been building basic skills boxes and benches.  The class will start building a shed, as requested by Probation, at the athletic field to store cones, balls and other sports equipment.


  • Curtis Newhouse began working for Triamid Construction
  • Toni Sano received his GED diploma

Mauricia Lopez, Women’s Youth Detention Facility

Mauricia currently has an average of 5 students in class per day.  The current students are demonstrating leadership and teamwork by mentoring the new students.  For the month of March, the new students spent time reviewing the new student orientation packet that went over safety procedures and protocols.  There was a lesson focused on tools; how to properly use and identify the different tools.  Additionally, students learned about the principles of measurement, basic blueprint reading and estimation.  These skills will be put to use for their first ignition student project.  For the experienced students, they continued to work on the following projects: constructing the Library Drop Box, creating picture frames, continuing their initial student project of the bird house and creating garden signs as their personal projects. 

David Pope, Youthbuild (SRCC)

David and his SRCC students are busy in the classroom and out! The students took the 10-hour OSHA class and then received their forklift certification in Turlock with Instructor Joe Neally.  The students installed vinyl composite tile, carpet, and base boards in Suite E with Ted along with constructing four benches.


  • Rita Pedraza and Joshua Serralta both received their High School Diplomas

Joe Neally, Stanislaus

Stanislaus had a busy month with projects in the classroom and on the fairgrounds.  Joe and his students are currently finishing up two Adirondack chairs and tables while also starting the build of a picnic table with built-in ice chests. The group is moving on constructing a solar umbrella for charging electronic devices.  The students are also building a mock-up house to give students practice at layouts, plate and detail, and framing.  On the fairgrounds, the students finished the arena seats and participated in the Occupational Olympics and Career Expo hosted by the Stanislaus County Office of Education.  The class is now gearing up for the Laborers Boot Camp that will be held at the Fairgrounds from April 18th to May 13th.


  • James Turner III passed the written part of the CDL test

Chris Thurman, Ukiah

Chris and his students at Ukiah have had a busy month remodeling the house where class is currently being held.  This hands-on project benefited the students as they are applying textbook lessons to life experience. The students began the remodel by demoing half of the living room.  They are now reinsulating exterior and replacing wood that has been damaged by rotting and termites while learning the correct layout for wall framing.  The students are also learning about basic electrical by rewiring any electrical outlets that were affected by the tearing down of the walls.  The class is nearing the completion of the framing portion of the remodel, with the next step of installing hardwood floors in the kitchen along with cabinets and counter tops.  Along with the remodel of the house, the students built a mock-up house foundation, complete with door and window layouts.

NCCT Caltrans Work Crew Program


Full-Time Employment

Sherwin DelimAmware Pallet

Matthew MethvinJersey Mike’s Subs

Kevin BrownAdd insulation Co.


Important Dates

NCCT will be CLOSED:

May 30th

Upcoming Birthdays


18th Dennis Garcia

20th Julio Maldonado


8th Nathan DeMarce

10th Jason Billington

13th Heather Doss

Happy Anniversary


5th Adam Frost – 6 years

19th Gary Harris – 3 years

20th Ralph Earnest – 7 years

21st Eli Bettis – 2 years


16th Ngoc Nguyen– 5 year



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