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NCCT Monthly Newsletter APRIL 2017


NCCT’s 2nd Annual Pasta Feed Fundraiser

Thank you to everyone who attended and donated to NCCT's 2nd Annual Pasta Feed and to our Sponsors; Council Member Jeff Harris, Council Member Jay Schenirer, Bill Lane with Freedom Through Education and Peter McNamee! It would not have been a success without all of your support!

Up next: NCCT 2017 Graduation!


Hands on Construction Career Fair

NBACA Union Apprenticeship will be hosting a hands on construction career fair on Friday, April 28, 2017 from 8:30am – 1:30pm.  There will be 18 different construction trades that will be participating in this event.  For more information please call, (707) 863-0416.


Cesar E. Chavez Day of Service

NCCT collaborated with the Sacramento Kings and Sacramento Probation Department to host an event with over 200 volunteers including our very own staff and students.  The event was help at the Youth Detention Facility where our staff and students worked on the outdoor projects.  The projects and safety guideline were planned out by the pre-apprentices inside of YDF for the volunteers to execute at the day of service.  The volunteers from NCCT included the Mather trainees and South Sac morning/afternoon classes.  The day was a huge success!



NCCT NEWS – What’s Everyone Up To?


Mike Anckner, Elinor Hickey High School and Foothill High School Adult Program



The students built four 6ft. redwood picnic benches for Twin Rivers Unified School District.  They also built a children’s 4’x4’ sandbox. They are getting the experience of sanding, measuring, configuring the angle cuts, and cutting with different types of saws. 



2 Week Electrical Training Certificate:

  • Clarence Holmes
  • Mauricio Hernandez

OSHA 10:

  • Clarence Holmes




Brian Bartch, Yolo County Fairground – Woodland Adult Program and YCCP


            Woodland Adult

The students of the woodland morning program have been working out at the Public Defenders office doing a remodel of two clothing closets. The closets are to keep donated clothing for inmates to wear upon release and/or to appear in court. They have built shelving and racks for the closets. Painted and textured the walls and carpeted the laminate flooring.



            Tracpipe/Aquapex and First Aid/CPR

  • Gary Maldonado
  • Kenneth Cooley
  • Michael Grayson
  • Luis Cardenas
  • Alison Herger
  • Tracey Foster
  • William Waddington
  • Eric Durgan



Yolo County office of Educating is partnering with YCCP to introduce students to different careers through different activities. They have completed the 3rd course of the program.  So far, they have learned basic household electrical, installation of cable tv and internet, and building radio receiver and transmitters.



The students are building a ticket booth for the rotary club to be placed at the fair.  It’s a portable 6;x12; with three windows. 


Site Tours:

Western Association of School and Colleges came and took a tour of the woodland NCCT training site where YCCP is held for a review of the program.


Jason Billington, Foothill High School and WUSD High School Program


Both programs have been working hard in the construction course with a lot of hands on experience.  At the same time, keeping their grades up in all their other classes and finishing up some end of the year projects. 





Grant High School reached out to NCCT to build a special project for their agricultural department.  So the students at Foothills are building a vegetable wash station for Grant High School. They are also designing and building two cornhole boards for our Pasta Feed Fundraiser. 



  • Taylor Kimmel - Home Depot





The students at WUSD are working on building a large stage for the drama class to be able to have their plays and performances on.  The stage will be put in the Bryte Campus Cafeteria.



Ralph Ernest, Sacramento Regional Conservation Corps (SRCC)


SRCC has partnered with Kavanah Homes to build a tiny house. The students have been working on this for the past few months. Once the house is complete Kavanah-NCCT will donate it to a church and find a homeless veteran to move in. 


SRCC has also partnered with Habit for Humanity building a home in Oak Park. So far, they have dug out trenches for the footings and prepared to pour the cement foundation.  This is just the beginning of this project, but coming along quickly.


Last month, the students got out of the classroom/shop and went to the Capital and met the legislator and took a tour.  It was on California Youth Build Day which is a day for all the Youth Build Programs in California get together.



            First Aid/CPR

  • Juel Alston
  • Crystal Henderson
  • Tony Marshall
  • Daryl Magdaleno
  • Andrew Magdaleno
  • Yvonne Garcia


  • Cameron Fontes- HVAC low voltage installation at Villara Building
  • Jackie Castaneda-Remodeling/Renovations at West Cal Management



Chris Faix, San Joaquin Fairground-Stockton

Students were asked by the fairgrounds to pour concrete for a handicap ramp at the Winners Building.  This project is a great learning experience for the students.  They will be able to learn how to look up codes for ASA and how to apply the codes to their project.


There are also several smaller projects going on including repairing drywall from water damage and demolition and repair of restroom walls.


Freedom Through Education (National Project in pursuit of educating underprivileged children) asked our students to design classrooms for them.  They performed measurements and practiced “drafting to scale”, a proposed layout for the area being used.



On April 24th the four weeks Laborers Boot Camp will be starting.  Students will receive certifications throughout the four weeks as well as learn more about the trade.


Jason Francis, Roseville Adult Program and Mather Program




Students out at the Roseville fairgrounds are currently working on cattle fence.  This fence is going to be used to tie the cattle to during the fair and students had to come up with how much material was needed for the repairs to the fence.



  • Moises Galaz- Teamsters



The students at Mather are learning how to build a shed from the foundation to the roof.  The Sacramento Children’s Group to build a shed



Tiffany Paulson was referred over to take the Laborers test.  She scored very high and interviewed so well that Benny, the laborers apprenticeship coordinator, accepted her in immediately.   She is now working at the Water Treatment Plant in Elk Grove for the next two years.


Nauy Huynh, West Sacramento Adult Program and Cache Creek High School

The students at west sac have finished up the trailer project for the health and human services client.  They finished up the new laminate counter top, wall paneling and trim work.  This project helped the woman make her home safe and livable for her child to come back and live with her.  In turn the students got the hands on experience and a feel good project.




            40 HR HAZWOPER

  • Richard Vasquez
  • Ruven Stein


  • Richard Dopkins
  • Joe Gomez
  • Taylor Shirk

First Aid & CPR

  • Richard Dopkins


  • Ruven Stein- Morse Custom Homes


  • Taylor Shirk- Driver’s License



Mauricia Lopez, Youth Detention Facility

In the month of March pre-apprentices at YDF began working out the plan for Cesar Chavez National Day of Service. They came up with a plan that was followed by over 200 volunteers from the Sacramento Kings Foundation and our very own NCCT trainees and instructors. Before the big day the students practiced the plan, that way it would go effortlessly and safely. They even created the blueprints and estimated the materials and costs for the projects that were built by the volunteers at the event.  Having the pre-apprentices from YDF involved in the planning of the event gave them a sense of “belonging” to the community charity work. 



Joe Neally, Stanislaus Fairground

The students are continuing to work on the Adirondack chairs and tables as well as some personal projects to improve tool use and measurement skills.  They are also preparing the new training location at the Modesto Bee Building with some renovation work to get ready to move in.



  • Jesse Villarreal-CDL
  • David Watson-CDL


  • Jesse Villarreal- Amazon Warehouse
  • Davis Watson- Foster Farms Construction

Chris Thurman, Ukiah



The trainees have been asked to build a single story playhouse for the Porter Valley Fire Department.  The fire department donated the lumber and our pre-apprentices built the project.  The playhouse was red, white and blue and has been donated to their 4th of July barbeque fundraiser.                      



        CPR & First Aid/OSHA 10

  • James Lane
  • Daniel Noorda
  • Preston Smith
  • Austin Dalbalcon
  • Joel Cowan
  • Morgan McAndrews
  • Asahal Weaver
  • Justin Blake
  • Mark Randolf


Fines were reduced with the Amnesty Program and both students were able to get their Driver’s licenses back.

  • James Lane
  • Preston Smith


Michelle West, South Sacramento Morning and Woodland Jail


In the coming months a lot of construction companies are going to be hiring, so Michelle has been preparing the trainees’ for the physically demanding labor they will be enduring.  They practiced the laborers test which included moving blocks, wood, and gravel within a certain amount of time.  Also, they did some snapping out and blueprint reading to get ready for the hiring at Clark Pacific.     



Over 30 certifications were obtained in the month of March including 40 Hr Hazwoper, Hilti, OSHA 10, Tracpipe/Aquapex, and the two week electrical training.



  • Jullian Oakley-Erickson Construction
  • Anthony Allen-General Truss
  • Josh Runyan-General Truss
  • Darneisha Love- General Truss
  • Juan Baylor- General Truss


Nathan DeMarce, South Sacramento Afternoon



March was a busy month the students and had many projects going on. They continued working on the mock-up building by adding roof sheathing and fascia boards.  For NCCT’s Pasta Feed, there was a planter box and bench built and to be in the silent auction that a few students worked on.  Another project was painting a trailer barbeque for our partner Yolo County Children’s Alliances’ Fundraiser.


Community Project:

The NCCT trainee’s went to YDF on Cesar Chavez day to build several planter boxes and to dig some irrigation lines for the community garden. 


Guest Speaker:

Cody Bik, apprenticeship coordinator, came to speak to students at our South Sacramento Location in the month of March. All students from other NCCT locations were encouraged to attend this job talk. He explained the apprenticeship program and what they have to offer. The talk also gave the audience an idea about a day in the life as a Cement Mason.  The speech Cody gave to the students motivated some of them to enter into that particular trade. 



There were 34 certifications that were obtained in the month of March including 40 Hr Hazwoper, Hilti, OSHA 10, Tracpipe/Aquapex, and the two week electrical training.



  • Jeff Braden- James Williams & Sons Construction
  • Kristin Holloway- Two Rivers Demolition



Tyler Wood, Welding.

In the welding class the students have been working on some smaller items to auction off at our 2nd Annual Pasta Feed Fundraiser.  There will be the Kings sign, Rivers Cats, and the four leaf clover garden decoration. 


Throughout the course the instructor is now implementing a proficiency in welding check off list for the students to complete before gaining their certificates.  The check off list will allow for students to rev up their resumes with even more skills mastered.


The 8 week course completed on March 31st and four students were granted their Welding Proficiency Certificates.


  • Elliot Godsey
  • Jose Carranza
  • Austin Self
  • Dino Giobres



  • David Thorne- Clark Pacific


On April 4th there will be 14 new students starting in the welding course.  The students who have completed and new enrollments will be encouraged to attend a Welding Expo at Sierra College.  There will be live demonstrations and seminars that include courses already taught here and some more valuable knowledge ranging from robotic welding to fabricating pipe. 



Happy Birthday


March 2017

8th – Pedro Montenegro

8th – Ernest Munoz

10th – Gary Harris

13th – Ted Niles


April 2017

18th – Dennis Garcia

20th – Julio Maldonado


Happy Anniversary



1st Joseph Zaccardi – 1 year

7th Kelly McIntire – 6 years



19th Gary Harris – 4 years

20th Ralph Ernest – 8 years

27th Ernest Munoz – 1 year


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