NCCT February Newsletter

New Year…Again! 

Monday, February 8, 2016 was the official start of the Chinese New Year! May the Year of the Monkey bring good luck, health, and fortune to you all!

Introducing Suite E

For the past few months, Ted, Nate, Matt and their students have made the construction and renovation of Suite E a priority, and their hard work has paid off! The build out is nearly complete.  Currently the drywall finishing is complete; the crew will next work on the texturing before moving onto painting and finishing any work that’s left. As the NCCT family continues to expand, so does our need for space! The Youth Build program is already in Suite E and the goal is to move in the admins in their offices by March as well! 


Planting Seeds

The Sacramento Kings’ Project at the Practice Facility ended with planting vegetables and fruits in the garden boxes. Members of the Sacramento Kings’ put on their gardening gloves and took part in the planting as well! Some players remarked that it was their first time planting anything and they totally digged it! As this project comes to a close and the Kings Organization will continue to cultivate a strong partnership by working on community gardens throughout the Sacramento Area.  

Below are pictures from the garden planting with a few of the players.

Mission Accepted: Operation Pasta Feed

Operation Pasta Feed has begun!  The casino-themed event will start at 6pm on March 19, 2016 at St. John Vianney Church in Rancho Cordova.  All ticket sales will include 1 hand of Blackjack. All tickets purchased by March 14, 2016 will include 1 drink ticket.


Our success depends on you! To each employee: Spread the word to friends, families, neighbors & everyone you know! Don’t forget that selling tickets does have its perks☺!!!  The more prizes we have for the event raffle the more exciting the night will be, so please use your resources and connections to get items donated for the event. 


Facebookers: Make sure that you are “attending” the event & invite any contacts that you think would be able to make it!  Please direct all questions about the event to our Event Coordinator Ms. Farm Saelee.


NCCT NEWS – What’s Everyone Up To?


Mike Anckner, Elinor Hickey High School

Mike started this January with 14 students and now 2 have already returned back to their district schools! He and his students are working on pencil holders for the teachers and staff. As a basic project, the new students picked up on it quickly.  Additionally, each class worked on building their own floor using pressure treated wood and galvanized nails. The morning class built an 8’ x 7’6” floor and the afternoon class built a 6’ x 5’6” floor.  The galvanized nails were very useful for this project, because Mike was able to demonstrate the importance of using the proper nailing technique.  The students did a great job and were able to gain skills in sheathing, using subfloor adhesive, and painting to complete the floors. This project was part of step 1 of building mockups.  The classes will begin learning and building the walls this month.

In collaboration with Hickey High School’s probation officers, the students will be taking a fieldtrip on February 9, 2016 to Stockton Courthouse.  Turner Construction is doing a project at this location and invited the students to a site visit.  


Brian Bartch, Woodland, Yolo Jail and Cache Creek High School

Brian and his students at Woodland have been busy working up a storm! The students built a large dog house and completed two Adriatic Chairs for a customer, and are building items that will be available for purchase soon on NCCT’s website. Impacting our greater community, the students are also working on rebuilding picnic tables for the Fair, have completed new legs for a 3’x10’ butcher block table for the Yolo County Jail’s kitchen, and are currently working with the Sheriffs’ Department to build storage containers to hold their extra oxygen tanks.

Patrick Sullivan, a retiree from Sacramento County, has been offering his knowledge and skillset to volunteer with Brian.  He has been helping the students read blueprints and has generously used his free time to promote NCCT to both construction companies and students in the surrounding area.



  • Dwane Lanzi landed a job working full-time for Pallet Masters! 


Jason Billington, Foothill High School

Jason is diligently working on the New Foothill High School program that began on January 14, 2016. He has 17 high school seniors enrolled in his class. The students have completed all of the required shop safety lessons and tests needed to enter the shop.  They have also been working on Units #1-4 in the Modern Carpentry book.

After 15 years of neglect, the students are working on restoring some life into the shop by repainting the walls and doors. Foothill High’s Principal is interested in finding more work projects for the class from repainting school benches to the baseball dugouts and backstops.


Nate De Marce, South Sacramento

Nate and his students had their plate full with two community projects in January!  The students finished up the Sacramento Kings’ garden install in mid-January and went to restoring 3 of College Glen Little League’s score booths.  Matt’s afternoon students will be helping Nate and his students with this project.  Aside from all of the projects, the students had a guest speaker from Bricklayers (BAC Local 3).  The representative from Bricklayers stated that he is looking for a few candidates to indenture into their union in the near future.  The representative stated that he was pleased with the NCCT students he recruited 6 years ago and that they went on to journey out.



  • HILTI 
  • 8 hour OSHA
  • The 40 hour was cancelled due to scheduling conflict, and is rescheduled for March 21-25th



  • Raymond Hatcher – Warehouse/Yard work at JAM Services 
  • Robert Duke – Stocking and Receiving at Goodwill Services
  • Jamie Boes – Shuttle Driver/ Receptionist at NCCT 


Ralph Ernest, Mather & Roseville

Ralph and his students at Mather are in the currently building a shed.  They have already completed construction on mini-houses, cut out wooden letters, and built shelves for Sacramento Community Based Coalition (SCBS).  Gravel has been delivered and the students will start practicing for the upcoming Laborers’ test.  Mauricia has been working with the students on their resumes, job searching and filling out job applications one day a week.


The students at Roseville are finishing up with building mini-houses as well as building shelves for Probation.  Ralph and his students are waiting for the weather to clear up to begin working on major projects for the fairgrounds that include wall and roof repairs.  Some of the students have been taking advantage of their newly received 40 HOUR HAZWOPPER certificates by working on the weekends with IQ Personnel.



  • William Pasco has landed a job with a plumbing company 
  • Cody Engrall has found employment with KC Construction


Chris Faix, San Joaquin Fairgrounds-Stockton

Chris and his students have been busy repairing 60 interior columns in the buildings that were built over 50 years ago at the Fairgrounds.  The columns were finished with plaster and had been damaged from years of use.  The students removed the damaged plaster as well as removing all of the outlets, switches and bad wiring that had also been deteriorated and became a safety hazard.  The students then replaced the wiring, repaired and replaced any faulty outlets and switches and are currently wrapping the columns in a plywood and trim.  The next step of this project is to prepare the columns and the interior building for painting; this includes patching anywhere there are cracks and holes.


Brad Gasaway, Welding Class

There are currently 15 students in the welding class.  Brad and his students have been working on projects for the shop.  The students built adjustable welding tables in the welding booth and are working on two steel tables for the shop.  The students are currently working on a BBQ trailer for Probation.  Aside from all of the projects, the class took a field trip out to the Boys’ Ranch to pick up more steel and a new enclosed steel rack.

The next class start date will be February 29, 2016.



  • Raymond Hatcher went to work for an electrical company
  • Jerry Lockwood got a job driving tow truck


Matt Kelly, South Sacramento Probation Class/ Juvenile Hall

Matt currently has 45 students enrolled in the afternoon program here at the Main Campus.  The students have begun preliminary work on the College Glen Little League score booths; they have built a mock up with block in preparation for the work on site.  Two previous NCCT students stopped by and spoke to the class about the work that they do and gave encouragement to the current students.  Daniel Casteel is now a Union Laborer and Steven Farnum is a Union Sheet Metal Worker.  Four students have completed and received their GED diploma.  Many other students are testing and scheduled to take the tests throughout the month.


Matt’s students at the Youth Detention Facility are finishing up the shed by the pool.  All that is left to do is to put a door on the shed and to paint it.  The students were asked to build raised planter beds for the gardening area at the Unit 15 grass yard area.  They will begin that project shortly.


Mauricia Lopez, Women’s Youth Detention Facility

The students focus last month was initial participation in classwork with learning about safety measurement, project math, basic blueprint, proper tool usage and materials.  The students will be working on library return cases for each Unit and pictures for the website.  Mauricia and the students also discussed pre-apprentice status and opportunities after they get released from YDF.  The average stay for each student is two weeks.



  • One of the students’ birdhouse was sold to the art instructor at YDF


David Pope, Youthbuild (SRCC)

The Youthbuild program with the Sacramento Regional Conservation Corps (SRCC) started class on January 4, 2016.  The classes are divided into two groups that come all day, twice a week. The Monday and Tuesday class has 5 students.  The Wednesday and Thursday class has 6 students.  The students have a busy start to the new program.  They began with new student orientation for the first 2 weeks and then started practicing the Laborers Union Physical Agility Test once a week, working on tape measure reading and construction-oriented math skills.  The students are currently working on building saw horses and work benches in the shop.






Joe Neally, Stanislaus 

During the month of January, Thomas Rassmussen, from the Osborne Company certified 6 of Joe’s students for Uponor/ Tracpipe Systems. Eugene Morse, a business agent from Carpenters Local 152, came to the fairgrounds and spoke with the students about the benefits of being a union member. The students spent most of the month practicing forklift operating skills. The class will continue to practice their operating skills to prepare for the "Forklift Rodeo" that Gallo holds to hire new operators.



There are 8 current students and 2 former students that earned their operators certificate.


Chris Thurman, Ukiah

The start date for this program has been pushed back to the beginning of February.  In the meant time, Chris has been busy getting his classroom ready for the first day of class.  




Row 1 – Students at Elinor Hickey building the floor for step 1 of the mockup house

Row 2 – (L): Roseville students working on the wall for the mini mockup houses. (R): Joe’s student practicing her forklift skill.

Row 3 – (L): West Sac student painting the door for the birdhouse library.    (M): Brad’s student cutting a circle in the Welding Shop. (R): Brian’s student working on the dog house.

Important Dates


NCCT will be CLOSED:

February 15th


Upcoming Birthdays



3rd Stacy Cook



8th Pedro Montenegro

10th Gary Harris

13th Ted Niles


Happy Anniversary 



9th Tami Anckner - 12 years

24th Heather Doss – 2 years



7th Kelly McIntire – 5 years

Happy Valentine’s Day!



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