NCCT Monthly Newsletter - December 2015

News Hi Everyone, We hope everyone had a great Thanksgiving! There are some very exciting things that happened in the month of November. We received two grants for our program! RCA Community Fund of Sacramento Builders Exchange awarded us with an in-kind donation of $2000 & The Teichert Foundation awarded us with a $5000 Grant as well! A big thanks to the great job that Stacy and Heather submitting and being awarded the Teichert Grant! New Programs We have 4 new NCCT programs that are due to start in January! We have been working hard on getting all of the supplies ready for them. Here is the list of our upcoming programs: • Foothill High School Twin Rivers Unified School District-Sacramento (12:15 to 5:15pm ) • Mendocino County Sheriff and Probation in Ukiah (Full time) • Cache Creek High School in Woodland (Part time) • Youth build program with the Sacramento Regional Conservation Corps (SRCC), at NCCT Fruitridge (Full time) New Instructors • Chris Thurman who will be teaching in Ukiah. • David Pope, previously a Caltrans driver for Fresno, will be the instructor for the SRCC program at NCCT Fruitridge. • Nauy Huynh will be working with Jason Billington (West Sacramento instructor) to get Foothill HS running. • Brian Bartch (Woodland instructor) will also be the instructor for the Cache Creek program. Clothing Drive We received a huge amount of donations for our Winter Warmer Clothes Drive! We are excited to be able to supply much needed clothing to our students and their families this holiday season. Thank you to everyone for your support! We will be distributing the clothes mid-December. What’s left will be donated to Sacramento Loaves and Fishes. Pasta Feed Operation Pasta Feed has begun! The casino themed event will start at 6pm on March 19th, 2016 at St. John Vianney Church in Rancho Cordova. All ticket prices will include 1 hand of blackjack. 1 drink ticket will also be provided for those who purchase their tickets in advance. Please let people know that if they purchase their tickets before December 31st they will be entered to win a $25 gift card to Crawdads on the River. Please use your connections to get items donated for the event. Feel free to refer any questions they may have to Farm. The more prizes/raffles we have, the better! All employees will be asked to participate in help making this event a success. Please spread the word to friends, families, neighbors & everyone you know! If you are on Facebook, please make sure to mark attending on the event invite & invite any contacts that you think would be able to make it! If you, your potential guests, or any donors have any questions about the event please refer them to Farm Saelee. Christmas Craft Faire Thank you to everyone who helped out at the Christmas Craft Faire this year. There were so many awesome items made by the students. The snowmen and the trees were a huge hit! Next year we are looking to focus on mainly Christmas related items. ______________________________________________________________________________ What’s Everyone Up To? Mike Anckner, Hickey High School Mike and his students spent a lot of time in the classroom working on their construction math skills this past month. They worked on Unit 6 of the Modern Carpentry book learning about plans, specs, job description of an estimator, and what it requires to bid on a job in detail. They worked on sandboxes for the Christmas Fair. Some students even used tiles to build their own chessboards complete with grout. The students have also been practicing their nail technique in preparation of building a shed shortly! Mike spent a few days at the South Sac NCCT location during the week of Thanksgiving to refresh his skills using a Hilti gun, help with the construction of the new offices in Suite E & G, and doing some concrete work with Nate and Jason. Brian Bartch, Woodland and Yolo Jail Last month Brian and his students worked on construction math, practicing measurements and using power tools. The students also spent a lot of time creating items for the Christmas Craft Fair. They built snowmen, holiday trees and teeter-totters. They have also been working on a lot of training and prep work to prepare themselves for future physical requirements of Laborers Union. Accomplishments Cassie Horton has been working for Four Wheel Pop-Up Camper building cabinets. Jason Billington, West Sacramento Jason and his students worked on projects for the Christmas Craft Fair. Some students have been attending the new welding class with Brad Gasaway at the South Sacramento location. 9 new students started in November and we are happy to report 8 still remain. Larry Devont from the Laborers came out to physically test the students and since then, the students have continued to work on improving their times. Deseret from Express Staffing & Vashaun Wade from IQ personnel came out to do a job talk for the students. Accomplishments • Ben McGhee and Robert Alanzo both received their Driver’s License. • Christopher Barnes has begun his DUI intake classes so he can obtain his Driver’s License. • Steve Ward and Kyle Castillo are still working with IQ Personnel. They are staying in a hotel and working 7 days a week. • Jason sold a shed project for $1500! Good job West Sac! Nate DeMarce, South Sacramento Nate, Mauricia, and the South Sac students worked on the Ward home which is part of the Rebuild Together Project. They should be finishing up with this project in a few weeks. We were also contacted to do some projects for the Sacramento Kings Practice Facility. The students have begun work on 5 planter boxes and 1 King-Sized picnic table for the Kings’ Arena. Due to our current growth, we are expanding and Nate, Ted, Matt and the South Sac students have all been working to accommodate our need for more office space in suites E & G, which are located at the Fruitridge location. This new space will include offices, a conference room and a new classroom for the Youth Build Program. There are 5 students who have started work this month: Accomplishments • Eric Johnson-HVAC Lawson Mechanical- An Apprentice • Ken Swafford-NCCT relief shuttle driver • David Kuhl-Jeff Smith Construction-General construction • Phil Daugherty-Pacific Corrugated Pipe Company-Welder • Michael Vaillancourt- 4 Ace Electrical Services-Electrical apprentice Ralph Ernest, Mather & Roseville Ralph’s students in Roseville all participated in the 8 hour OSHA Training. They also completed a few planter boxes with the bench for the Christmas Craft Fair. The students from Mather are fairly new and are in the process of learning about and using the power tools. Accomplishments • Tanny Hettrick was hired by LB Construction. • Andrew Kingsbury from Roseville and Jeffery Creagan from Mather have made it through the Ironworkers Boot Camp! Both have been hired to work, Jeffery is now a member of Local 118. Chris Faix, San Joaquin Fairgrounds-Stockton Chris and his students were super busy in November finishing the first phase of the Winners Building remodel. All of the windows have been installed and the texture is completed. Phase two of the remodel has just begun which is finishing work of the outside portion of the new addition. The students will begin painting the new bingo hall after they are finished with the second phase. Chris and his students have been given more work to complete and expect to be finished by mid-December. They will soon be working on a gazebo that will be used for outdoor break area for the bingo hall. The next big project will be to build a restroom/shower in the livestock show area. They have also begun the design phase for the roof demolition and truss install. The students will be doing a complete interior remodel that will include plumbing and electrical for this project. Due to the amazing job that Chris has been doing in Stockton, we were granted a 6 month extension for our program! Matt Kelly, South Sacramento Probation Class/ Juvenile Hall Matt and his students have been busy working in Suites E & G, framing walls, standing walls, learning and understanding the many principals that go into this kind of work. They have also continued to work over at Bob Pelton PPSP Recycling. Our students at the Youth Detention Facility have been working on a shed for the pool area. All that is left to do is finish the exterior trim, get a door and paint it!! Many students who are working on their GED/Diplomas are testing and are scheduled to take final tests throughout the month. A few only have 1 or 2 tests left. Accomplishments • Jason Garey, Johnny Peralez and Leonard Shepardson were initiated into Iron Workers Local 118. • Rose Jaquez and Denise Moore have continued to work for IQ personnel utilizing their HAZMAT training. • Jason Steward began working for Heritage Plumbing. Mauricia Lopez, Youth Detention Facility Mauricia’s students stay in the program for an average of 2 weeks prior to being released from YDF. In the first week of the program they are learning about safety, tools, basic math skills and basic construction skills. They are to complete assignments related to these topics before moving on to working on projects. The students worked on building three 24x24 miniature houses. They also learned how to build walls with windows, wall with a door, roofing and siding. Joe Neally, Stanislaus Joe and his students have been working on completing projects that they had begun in October, and starting a new project for the fairgrounds. Joe reports that the new students are quick learners. They are now building rolling boxes to store folding chairs in as well as caulking and painting the arena seats. They are doing tape measure practice and layout exercises in preparation for building a shed in the near future. A guest speaker, Jose Dominguez from Painters and allied trades Local #3, spoke to the students recently about the process of getting into the union and the benefits. He shared that he is a project manager for a company that has been in business for 7 years, and would be interested in recruiting students that were interested in taping and texturing. 3 students announced that they were interested in pursuing that trade.

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