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Yolo County Christmas Craft Faire

Join NCCT at the Yolo County Fair Heritage Foundation's 6th Annual Craft is Art Christmas Faire December 3rd and 4th at the Yolo County Fairgrounds!  We will have wooden crafts handmade by our students and all of the proceeds made will go back into the programs.  For more information about this event please click here.  To preview some of the featured crafts, visit our Facebook.

New Instructor

NCCT would like to welcome Tyler Wood to the family!  Tyler is the new instructor for the Welding Program.  He has been an Ironworker since 2001 and has been welding since he was 13 years old.  We are lucky to have Tyler and his skills here at NCCT!


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NCCT NEWS – What’s Everyone Up To?

Mike Anckner, Elinor Hickey High School and Foothill High School Adult Program

For the month of October, Mike and his students in both programs worked on estimating materials to build a 6’ redwood picnic table.  The class took a trip to Home Depot to be a part of the process of identifying the correct materials and selecting good lumber as well as everything needed to complete the picnic table.  Prior to building, the class discussed the process of the build and what would be necessary to complete the project.

Brian Bartch, Yolo County Fairground – Woodland Adult Program and YCCP

Brian and his morning students are keeping busy with building various items for the Craft is Art Christmas Faire.  The class has also replaced and put a steeper pitch on a small shed that is used for storage and rebuilt bikes for Yolo County Probation.

The YCCP program has been working on small projects like learning how to patch drywall and basic framing.

Jason Billington, Foothill High School and WUSD High School Program

Jason currently has 8 students at Foothill HS and 15 students at WUSD.  Both classes have been learning about angles by making different shapes such as squares, pentagon and octagons using wood.

The Foothill class spent October building ring toss games and cornhole boards for Yolo County Children’s Alliance Harvest Festival.  Jason is currently working with the students on possible designs for the SRBX Design Build Competition next year.

The WUSD class spent October building a chicken coop for River City High School’s Future Farmers of America.  Up next, the class will begin building a Free Little Library for the Sacramento Kings Community Foundation.

Ralph Ernest, SRCC

Ralph currently has a total of 12 students enrolled.  The class spent the past month working on the final stages of the Tiny House that will be a place of residence for a homeless veteran.  The class will be painting the exterior and interior as well as install the flooring and appliances.  A representative from Lennar Homes invited the class to visit the company’s headquarters in Roseville where the students were offered an opportunity for employment upon graduation.  The class will soon be building a house from the ground up with Habitat for Humanity in the upcoming months.

Chris Faix, San Joaquin Fairground-Stockton

Chris and his students had a busy month in October working on internal projects in the shop and on the fairgrounds.  The class repaired and reconditioned picnic tables and building table dollies similar to the stages that they have been working on the last few months.  They also removed and repaired the asphalt in the fair parking areas as well as repaired the roof in their shop building.


Chris Paradela’s father came to the classroom to thank NCCT for making a positive change in his son’s life.Chris is currently working hard and putting in long hours with a solar company.


Jason Francis, Roseville Adult Program and Mather Program

Jason and the students at Roseville spent most of October refurbishing picnic tables for RPal and the fairgrounds.  The class has built 2 planter boxes with benches to put outside the classrooms to improve the appearance as well as building a holder to place the NCCT banner on.  Along with the items, they also cleaned up the yard, getting rid of weeds, dirt piles and trimming the grass.

The students at Mather are almost finished building the storage shed for Mrs. Powers (teacher from SCOE) all that is left is painting it when the weather permits.  They have also refurbished a bike rack by sanding it down and painting it.  The class spent several days cleaning and organizing the shop as well.

Nauy Huynh, West Sacramento Adult Program and Cache Creek High School

Nauy currently has 26 students enrolled.  The class finished building 2 6ft art easels for the Sacramento Kings to use for fans to make signs for the games.  The class also built small projects for the Yolo County Children’s Alliance Harvest Festival.  Aside from building the projects the class has been working on repairing a trailer that has been damaged by a water leak.  The water leak damaged the floors in the bedroom and bathroom to where it has become unsafe for the residences.  They are working on removing the damaged floors and will start repairing it soon.


Deswan Fisher passed his written drivers test


Matt Kelly, Vista High School and Adult Programs

Matt currently has 24 students in his programs.  The classes are slowly progressing into using the tools and building basic items.  They have built saw horses and will start on basic skill boxes next.

Mauricia Lopez, Youth Detention Facility

Mauricia and the students have been working on completing the shed by building doors, shelves and painting the roof.  The students have also completed the dog house, benches for the garden and shop area.  Aside from all of the projects, the students are establishing Unit 6 to utilize when they are not able to go outside due to the weather.

Richard Mendez, Rio Consumnes Correctional Center

Richard and his students continued to build more chairs out of pallets.  They are also preparing to build a new dog house on site for the k9 unit.


A student who was released from RCCC has enrolled at NCCT Fruitridge


Joe Neally, Stanislaus Fairground

Joe and his students spent the month of October painting inside of building E-2 at the fairgrounds.  The class also took a field trip to Pacific Containers Inc. for a tour and possible employment opportunities for the students.


Davy Kim received her driver’s license


Chris Thurman, Ukiah

Chris and his students worked on two big projects last month.  The class started with building a mockup house complete with a door and window.  This project allowed the students to learn the correct wall layout, bracing and connection procedures, vapor barriers, window flashing, window installation and exterior siding.  They also learned how to cut common rafters, valley rafters and hip rafters as well as how to correctly install a roof vapor barriers and comp shingles.  The second project was a 2 story redwood playhouse, complete with gable roof system and comp shingles.


  • Class received CPR certifications
  • Mike Caponni received $500 Construction Grade Scholarship
  • Mike Hennessy received $250 Construction Trade Scholarship


Michelle West, South Sacramento Morning & Afternoon and Woodland Jail

Michelle and the morning class have been building an octagon gazebo, benches and planters for a local Sacramento Park.  The morning and afternoon class have been working on the sewer line in front of the office.  The students broke up the concrete, cleaned it out, put a new pipe in and filled in the hole.

Aside from the sewer line project, the afternoon class also built birdhouses and will start to work on wooden Christmas trees and snowmen ornaments for the Craft is Art Christmas Faire.

The students at Woodland Jail are currently waiting on approval for project materials to build items for the Faire as well


  • 8 students in the morning class received their Hazwoper certification
  • 5 students in the afternoon class received their Hazwoper certification
  • Julian Oakley passed 3 tests for his GED
  • Clair Nye and Kevin Foutty passed their GED math test
  • Zachary Betschart received his Drivers’ License
  • Breon Thomason received his Drivers’ License and purchased a car


  • Claire Nye – JAM Services
  • Breon Thomason – IQ Personnel
  • Stephanie Cors, Kristen Williams and Ericka Chacon – Laborers Local 185


Tyler Wood, Welding

Tyler started the month of October with new students; they are currently learning the basic technique of welding and going over book work.  The students have started to build reindeers and a Christmas tree made out of horseshoes for the holidays.  The class will begin to work on building a rack for the Roseville program shortly.


Important Dates

NCCT will be CLOSED:


24th – 25th - Thanksgiving


26th – Christmas


Happy Birthday



9th Joseph Zaccardi



4th Adam Frost

12th Ngoc Nguyen

19th Becky Morton

25th Bill Meehan



6th Jake Meehan

12th Richard Mendez

24th Farm Saelee

26th Jamie Boes



Happy Anniversary



1st Jason Billington – 10 years

2nd Pedro Montenegro – 1 year

5th Mike Anckner – 3 years



1st Ken Swafford – 1 year

14th Chris Thurman – 1 year

30th Mauricia Lopez – 3 years

Have a Happy Thanksgiving!


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