Joseph Devlin, Chief of Staff

Senior Vice President of Ikanik Farms

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Highly accomplished strategic communications professional specializing in targeting, planning, and message development, with extensive experience managing and directing political campaigns. Recognized for ability to build key relationships and create inclusive high performance teams.

Mr. Devlin has over 15 years experience as a Sacramento based political consultant managing and directing successful political campaigns. He has worked as the principal consultant to local and state candidate campaigns, initiatives, and independent expenditures throughout California. Developing highly effective field strategies targeting key voter universes is a particular strength. Mr. Devlin was often called upon to develop winning campaign strategies and tactics for campaigns in what are otherwise unfavorable circumstances.

Mr. Devlin has worked in the California State Legislature as a Legislative Director and as a Consultant to the Speaker of the Assembly. Prior to becoming involved in politics Mr. Devlin worked as a consultant securing development entitlements for various developers.

He holds a Bachelor’s degree in Government with a concentration in State and Local Government from California State University at Sacramento, was recognized as one of Sacramento’s 40 under 40 in 2013 and is a two time participant in the US State Department, American Council of Government’s Professional Fellows Program (Azerbaijan 2014 & Ukraine 2015)

Following his lengthy career in the political arena, he is currently venturing out into the private sector as the Senior Vice President of Ikanik Farms. In a press release, Ikanik’s Canada-based parent company cited Mr. Devlin’s experience, saying that under his guidance, Sacramento had become a leader in cannabis regulation and its cannabis economy had attracted “hundreds of millions of dollars in investment.” Mr. Devlin will lead its government and external affairs division and intends to develop synergistic and meaningful civic partnerships.