Nicole Coleman

LB Construction

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Before coming to NCCT I didn’t know which end of the hammer to hold! I quickly learned how to read a tape measure, look at plans with Jason F, got some field experience with Jim C, took welding with Tyler W, and set my mind on working. I encourage anyone attending NCCT to treat it like a job, because it can very easily become one. I was fortunate to gain employment with the help of NCCT. They provided me with the tools for my trade as well as work boots to help get me started. Once I got my foot in the door, I quickly advanced. I left NCCT at the end of 2017, and within 6 months I have been promoted twice within my company and I no longer work in the field, I manage the people in the field. I am a single mother of 3, so it hasn’t always been easy. I truly believe if I can do this anyone can.
Thank you to all the instructors who helped me learn and become successful and to Jake for always looking for ways to make this program work for everyone. NCCT is amazing. It changed my life and gave me and my family a future.

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