El Dorado County

Instructor Matt Turner
6187 Pleasant Valley Road, El Dorado, CA 95623


You must know how to work as part of a team
You must be able to get up early and get to school on time
You must be willing to work outdoors
You must be willing to work drug and alcohol free

Program Info:

Please download both the Welcome Packet and Application. Once completed, you will need to turn in your paperwork at the site location to Matt Turner/instructor to receive a start date.

In order to enroll in the program, NCCT will take copies of the following documentation that applies to you.

  • Completed Application
  • Social Security Card
  • Valid California ID and/or Driver’s License
  • Current DMV Printout
  • GED Certificate and/or High School Diploma – Please Note: GED Certification is available through our program
  • Alien Registration Card
  • Select Services Card (for those 18 to 25 years old) If you do not have a current card please register at https://www.sss.gov/RegVer/wfRegistration.aspx

**If you do not have copies of the above documentation you can still enroll into NCCT and work on gathering the information throughout the program.