About the Training

NCCT has one goal – preparing you for a career in construction

A pre-apprenticeship program like NCCT is designed to prepare you for a career in the construction industry. This preparation is broken up in to two parts: classroom training and hands-on training. While in the classroom, you will learn things like how to read a tape measure, read blueprints, and give you an introduction to construction math. You will also learn to work as part of a crew and earn safety related certifications that will make you appreciate just how important safety is on a jobsite. 

With regard to hands-on training, you will be exposed to many different types of work and get your chance to work with the tools that go with that trade. You will have the opportunity to try your hand at concrete, carpentry, roofing, welding, laying conduit, and installing air conditioners to name a few. 

In the past, NCCT students have used their training to build homes, parks, and other projects for the community. You too will learn how to do this and more under the supervision of our instructors who have spent years in the field and have a great deal of experience with and molding students with one goal – preparing you for a career in construction. 

If you feel you might need some extra help, we can assist with that too. We offer GED preparation and testing, work boots, and tools. NCCT has a well-deserved reputation for going the extra mile to offer help where we can. We work closely with other organizations and partners to make sure that all our students have the resources they need to succeed.  

Life After NCCT

Upon completing the Program, NCCT will work with its industry partners to find you a home in an apprenticeship program. We have strong relationships with many apprenticeship programs because they recognize and value the training the students receive. Placement in an apprenticeship program is not guaranteed as there are a number of factors involved such as demand in that particular industry, economic and weather conditions, etc. but NCCT is committed to placing as many as the industry can absorb.  

Once in an apprenticeship program, you will be dispatched to affiliated contractors who will hire you and allow you to continue your training while working and getting paid. Each trade’s apprenticeship program is unique in structure and can last from two to five years. Starting wages range from $14.00 to $23.00 per hour depending on the trade. Wages increase as your time in the apprenticeship program passes until you graduate and become a journey-level worker in that trade. 

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